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Our Mission

Create a standard for electronic sports and ensure that all national administrative entities promote Esports as a tool for training citizens in the professional, educational and social inclusion to have a better life

Our Solution

To create in an intuitive and organized way all regulation and legislation of the sport category that adds to the regular sport, a new way to carry out the sport in the digital era, responsibly and sustainably

Our Values

Social and business responsibility, sustainability in business, valuation of the athlete of esports, formation of citizens and peaceful union and in the exchange of economic and social growth among all the members through esports

Presidency and Secretariaty

Mr. Daniel Cossi
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Mr. Alexander Ospina
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What do we do

The Presidency of the Confederation is formed by PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT to support the presidency and make a link with the board of directors and other departments we have the Secretariaty


Whichever titles are used in an organization, the president is the top person in command in an organization and has specific responsibilities depending on the needs of his or her organization. Presidents are expected to provide the overall leadership in an organization and they provide direction for the actions of all other employees.


The vice president (VP) of an organization is generally the second or third in command. This depends on whether the person who is the president and the person who is the chief executive officer (CEO) have separate titles and roles. One of the main differentials of the role of a VP is that the person who holds the position is also recognized as an officer of the company. This designation brings additional authority, responsibility, and accountability the role.


Secretary-General the functions of maintaining the good standing and governance of all resolutions, projects and operations management and administration of our institutions and representing the presidency. They preside over the conference the day of, talk to advisors, meet people's concerns, manage the staff and their duties, and are there to make sure it goes smoothly.

Board of Directors and Councils

Mr. Marcus Vinicius
President of the Presidential Council
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Mr. Mario Ramirez
President of the Olympic Council
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Mrs. Kathleen Cossi
President of the Referee Council
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Mr. Fernando Solera
Director of Antidoping Department
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Mr. Victor Martin
Director of Finance
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Mr. Nicolas Crespo
Director of Communications
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Mr. Hugo Martinez
Director of Sports
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Mr. Gustavo Javier Rodríguez
Director of Marketing & Events
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What do we do

The board of directors for a corporation is responsible for steering the corporation through the rough waters of its mission to the american continent esports environment. The individuals who are selected to be on the board of directors of a corporation have overall responsibility for the activities of the corporation.

Director of Communications

Communications directors typically head up and organize a team of communications consultants responsible for representing the business or organization to the outside world. communications directors can have a range of duties. These include writing speech and press releases, promoting special events, scheduling interviews for CEOs or presidents and giving interviews on behalf of the organization they represent. In their capacity as representative to the outside world, communication directors may also be required to work with departments of advertising and marketing, as well as web designers and financial representatives.

Director of Sports

The sport director's purpose is to oversee the facility management, human resources, funding and policy adherence of a sports organization in compliance with certain rules and regulations. He is responsible for the overseeing of the entire athletic department. This means everything from scheduling games to overseeing coaching staff and organizing practices. He is technically an administrative position. Much of the job will revolve around observing coaches and working with athletic teams to ensure that they are following certain requirements and restrictions, and even traveling with teams.

Director of Marketing & Events

Responsible for developing and executing comprehensive integrated multi-channel marketing, communication and event/alumni strategy. The plan will set out objectives for each strategic area of the department and outlines plans for achieving those objectives. The director's responsibility will be to develop and manage all of the institution's marketing and communications, including advertising, branding, market research, public and media relations, digital assets, social media, printed materials.

Director of Referee & Rules

Coordinate and assist the Esports Events (championships, and general competitions) with coverage for any uncovered home games, international games and PAMESCO's members esports events. Make recommendations for improvements to the referee commission. Oversee the recruitment of clubs and regional and national referees. Coordinate with other parties with respect to clubs and national and regional referees’ education, mentoring and development.

Director of Olympic Sports

Determines international and regional policies towards the inclusion and recognition of Esports in the Olympic Movement. Determine internal policies and ways to follow up the complliance of the esports and memerbs of PAMESCO to the Olympic Internal Policies.The board is composed of business and sport leaders, professional athletes, educators and experts. Encompasses the Organising Committees of the Esports to the Olympic Movement, the national associations, clubs and persons belonging to the National Governing Bodies of PAMESCO and their respective NOCs, particularly the athletes, whose interests constitute a fundamental element of tEsports towards the inclusion of Esport at the he Olympic Movement’s action, as well as the judges, referees, coaches and the other sports officials and technicians. It also includes other organisations and institutions as recognised by the PAMESCO, it's members (such as CACESCO, AMCOES and national organizatinos) and IOC.

Director of Anti-doping Department

Plan, manage and coordinate effective and comprehensive testing programs (including testing pools and whereabouts administration). Design and implement Test Distribution Plans in line with PAMESCO's Risk Assessments Manage ADAMS and/or other database as needed. Liaise and coordinate with other stakeholders involved in the programmes (anti-doping organisations, laboratories, testing agencies, experts, panel members, etc). Take part to anti-doping educational initiatives as needed. Provide support for the onsite anti-doping operations at Major Events, such as the PAMESCO's Competitions and also member's endorsed competition and general events at a national, regional and international level. Manage other projects as required by the PAMESCO towards the development of Esports and the Anti Doping policies to this new category of sport.

Director of Social Inclusion

Responsible for the overall success of the social inclusion programme end-to-end: developing partnerships, building funding bids, as well as ensuring effective ongoing delivery of all projects within the programme. You are also responsible for the overall income target for the programme. He will represent Counterpart to PAMESCO, local and international partners, and other relevant donor organizations. He will oversee day to day program management, as well as oversee staff management and development and ensure the highest quality of project monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and communications.

Director of Finance

Responsible for the efforts, results, and success of an organisation's finance department. Provides financial advice and support to help senior executives make key decisions, and also oversee, review, and adhere to the budgets for each business department, assist in company-wide budgetary planning, ensure that all of the company's financial practices are in line in statutory regulations and legislation, analyse the financial climate and market trends to assist senior executives in creating strategic plans for the future, interpret complex financial information and provide updates and information as needed, monitor cash flow, accounts, and other financial transactions, etc

Why You Should Join Us

If you already are a national esports governing body, or you are trying to be the governing body of your country, or even if your country still dont have not even a national organization to apply to that position, please let us know and we will give you all the necessary support and the step by step to make it happen.
You already are

You already are an esports governing body in your country

You are founding

You want to found a national esports organization

You want to bacome

You need to become your country esports governing body


You become a member and have all our support and help


Found your organization or improve he own you already founded


Legislation, regulation and rules, bring together high values
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About Pamesco

As the American Continent Sole Governing Body of Esports, PAMESCO is ready to support and help the American Continent Esports environment so keep on visiting us for more news and updates


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