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The Esports governing bodies in America


  • Partnering with other internacional esports governing bodies we develop a responsible environment for all the affiliated members
  • Creating the esports bills and laws we will make sure the athletes and teams are all recognized as professional and official sports players in official sports teams
  • When esports is recognized as a regular sports category all the teams and athletes will enjoy the social and professional support for athletes in their countries



For the first time PAMESCO will have a Pan American Esports Championship hosted by our member MASTER GAMES RANKING from Ecuador (city of Quito)


Engaged to promote and recognize esports in the whole american continent PAMESCO is here to support every country


Statutes, Commissions, Councils, Departments and all necessary infrastructure is here to help us all


Creating a standard to all the members and adapting the existing ones, we respect the culture and regional laws

Championships and Foruns

PAMESCO together with it's members will promote regular championships and keep tracking of the ranking system of all the teams and athletes officially affiliated to it's members and also promote esports foruns for debate


Here you can follow up our calendar of esports championships


Here you can have a updated calendar of all our esports foruns and summits

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